Nothing is what it seems


The Accident – 4 stars

Glen is in contracting business and things are looking a bit low in case of money. His wife Sheila says she has a new way of making some money and just then she dies in an accident. She gets way too drunk, stops her car at the middle of road at midnight while driving back home and another car hits it. But Glen is not ready to take this as it looks because Sheila never had any drinking problem. And then starts a ride of friends calling about something more important than Sheila’s death, being loomed by an assassin, being sued because of Sheila’s ignorance. More deaths and threats make clear to Glen that Sheila’s death is more than just an accident. Can Glen and his little girl Kelly survive this cobweb?

Mr Linewood has written a very engaging novel which folds itself to one after another page of twists. The Accident is very very gripping, fast, action packed and most of all heartfelt. Every character has his/her own weight and the little girl Kelly is such a wonderful character. I can’t stop loving her every time she appears. The father-daughter bonding is just great. Just when you think you can take a relaxing breath, the book dives in some new danger! It never wastes time, no moment is dull and never slow. This is a must read.


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