Suspense at its finest


Now You See Me – 4.5 stars

Almost each one of us who loves a good crime thriller, has heard of Jack the Reaper right? Now what if the legacy starts to repeat itself after 120 years? The same pattern, the same chilling letters and exactly same locations. Only this time Jack is focusing on one particular Policewoman. Can they catch Jack this time?Ripper_cartoon_punch

The book gives a kick-start from the very first page and never ever looses one bit of pace for the rest of it. Every page is full of intelligence, always entertaining and nail-biting. This book is a total adrenaline rush. I read it on the bus, I read it staying awake at night. I just could not stop myself from turning to the next page.

I bought this a few months ago from a second hand book shop for even less than a dollar without even knowing about the author. But here I am now searching at book-stores on and offline for more books by Ms. S. J. Bolton.

I have read many novels, many mysteries but this one really is one of the top. I wish I could jump, yell, hold and shake someone saying, “Oh for the love of crime thrillers, just read this book, Damn it”. It may sound like blabbering of a fan-boy but please read this book at least once.

One more thing, crime thrillers often covers identity crisis/confusion. But brace yourself when you read the last chapter of this one. I never read an identity shift like this.
The only little problem was that it didn’t have to contain any cliché romance.


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