Oh My Devil!


Horns – 4 stars

Ig lost his girlfriend Mary 1 yr ago. She was raped and murdered in such way as if only devil could have planned it. Although Ig can’t remember what happened that night and there is no proof, the whole town thinks he was the one who murdered her. 1 yr later, one morning after an usual drunk night he wakes up with two horns poking out of his forehead. And if that is not enough to make him go crazy, no one seems to notice the horns as if its just his nose on his face. More to that, people seem to tell him their darkest sins and desires without knowing and Ig seems to be in control of that. Snakes, pitchfork and fire breath, Ig is now becoming what people have though he is for last year : The Devil!!
Horns Movie Picture (6)What more does a book need to make it interesting after all that? Its great! Horns wastes no time in introduction or slow pacing. It jumps right in a hell-storm and lets us know more later. Suspense is excellent and the characters are written so well, it feels like we have already read stories about them before.
After Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft this was the first novel by Joe Hill for me. A complete slow burning suspense full of surprises. I am looking forward to the movie adaptation now!


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