The beauty and horror of destruction


Swan Song – 5 stars

Swan Song first came out in 1987, swiping away many of the fantasy/horror awards and since then, it has been helmed as one of the master piece in horror genre. As a post-apocalyptic fiction, the books premise may feel a bit odd place and time for horror but the book unfolds itself in such ways and manners that it feels controversially pleasing!swan-song Almost all the countries of the world have started nuking each other as if the tension of the cold war broke all over the world. But unlike any World War, it is not going to end. Because this time it is the end of the world. At a near post apocalyptic future the book follows the journeys of Sister, Swan, Roland and of course the Man with the Scarlet Eyes. Sister find a magical glass ring that still reminds a man about hope. Far from her, Swan is a little girl who develops a power of regenerating life. Without hope and life human becomes a toy of the devil. And the devil must stop them using Roland who is a little boy hungry for power. A magic glass ring that still gives streaks of hope at a dead world, a little girl with magic and a face changing devil march towards the crossing of their paths over the dead-bodies in a world full of radiation, mutation, disease, horror and magic. It might take a few years and hundreds of miles but in the world of survival, they will meet and when they do, the world will either die or live again. Robert McCammon is a master of horror. Just when you might think that the book feels like fantasy or science fiction, turn the page and you will flinch, look away and remember why it belongs to the true horror genre. It is a fight between good and evil, God and Devil but in a manner never seen before. The book has a huge time and space variation which makes it a Magnum Opus. Death, death and death is all there is wherever you look. Sister is personally my favourite character but it was really hard to choose. Mr McCammon plays with the words so easily but carefully that he makes us love a filthy character or loath a heartfelt character over just a few pages! Roland, Josh, Paul, Hugh, Rusty, Pawpaw, Moody etc. the list goes on and each character has significant heartfelt part and development. When I finished this book, it felt as if I had just read a series of books like Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein all at once with 50 times the horror, death and violence. I had asked for a horrifying book and I was punched with it. I loved it by all means and it is going to linger in my head for quite some time for sure.


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