It’s a Boy…It’s a Girl…It’s Ranma!


Ranma 1/2 – 5 stars

I know the title sounds as if someone is confused about his own sexuality. But don’t worry its nothing like that. Ranma 1/2 = total ridiculous pandemonium with romance and martial arts.
Ranma, a teenage boy travels with his father to China to be trained in martial arts. But while practising around he gets dunk in an ancient cursed spring and voilà – he turns in to a girl! Since then he changes in to a girl when ever he is splashed with cold water and the only remedy for the reverse is a splash of hot water! But wait there is more because his father has already promised a friend that Ranma will marry the friend’s daughter. If you think that is enough chaos then wait and repeat the same process for other characters with them changing into goose, pig, cat, panda (aww yisss, a big full shaped panda) and more. Multiple identity crisis, stupendous martial art action and some beautiful characters : do you need more?


I was in school when this anime series came to telly for only a few months. But it was so funny that I read the manga later on the first chance I got.

Adult humour + martial art + identity crisis + fantastic characters and art =  DO NOT miss this if you like a good laugh any-time.


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