She’ll literally steal your heart


HeartSick – 4 stars

A cop was traumatised by a ruthless serial killer who is now in jail and he will need her help to solve the new killing spread across the city.
Quite a familiar sketch right? I too was wondering about something similar to Hannibal when I started this book. But then Ms. Cain kicked the bucked over my head to say, “Nope”.


Actually the set “captured murdering psychiatrist helping cop to solve cases” was so well explored in the Legacy of Lecter that it felt like nothing more can be done in that field. But then came Gretchen Lowell, a beautiful, intelligent, manipulating serial killer who can look at your soul and mind through your eyes, crawl under your skin and steal your darkest fears. And she is not a cannibal who wants to eat you. She just wants to play, have a good time right? This makes her a bit more interesting too.

This book is a nice, slow burn that you enjoy the more it lasts. It is like getting hooked on a TV series. You just want a little more at the end of each chapter. The book never pushes you, it just makes you hungry for more. And the feeling “there is more to come” is what convinces to read the next books too.
A great contender in the world of serial killers. The others have to look out for Gretchen Lowell!


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