Think Of A Number – 5 stars

You receive a letter which contains  another envelope in it. It says “Think of A Number” and when you open the 2nd envelope, there it is – the number you just thought is written in it! And it also wants some money to shut up about more mysteries of your life.

You know what you get? You get hooked to the book instantly!

Dave Gurnery is a retired New York City Homicide Detective who is trying to live a quite life with his wife Madeline. But when an old college friend contacts him about some mysterious letter, Dave has to come out to help him. The letters are sinister and most shocking puzzles that Dave has ever seen. And when the friend is murdered, Dave finds finds himself in a cobweb of baffling mysteries and multiple homicides!

This is hands down my all time favourite Mystery Thriller! I had found this book by mistake and since then I have never missed any of John Verdon’s books! This was John Verdon’s début book which was a surprise to me because the book’s writing feels as if the author has already written many books in the genre.

Back to the book. This book taught me a term – “impossible situation”. It is a situation that is nowhere possible with any logical expression! Once you are in it, you will keep guessing the solution non-stop while reading more. The book almost merges your mind with the pages and you can’t put it down until you know – how? I don’t want to spoil anything but I really wish I could talk more about those situations!

Also, the characters are some jewels scattered all over the pages. They are heartfelt and feels very familiar as soon as they are introduced. Dave’s professional and personal life is so well balanced that I felt sad for him and kept vouching for him at the same time! His wife Madeline and his friend (as if) Jack are some of the best characters I have ever read.

If you love a good mystery or a puzzling thriller don’t ever miss this book! This is truly a gem in the field of mystery thrillers!


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