Fool me twice, shame on me…


Sweetheart – 3 stars

First of all, Ms Chelsea Cain writes like a sick, twisted, mentally ill person. No, actually she is a very witty, clever, wonderful writer whose books make you feel that way. This is the second book of Gretchen Lowell series and sadly it stumbles sometime comparing to the marvellous previous one (HeartSick).

The books wastes no time in setting up mood or any type of ground formation. It jumps right in the middle of a war zone after just a few pages and grips readers on a spine chilling ride. This time Gretchen the stunning, ruthless, cunning and deviously beautiful serial killer is on the loose and Archie has to save his wife, children and friends. But it is actually him who she wants. So what will Archie do? The emotional satire between a cop and a serial killer is so sickly beautiful that they don’t care about family, rules, society or anything at all.

And man, what should I say about the language and situations. At some pages I had to stop and think, “What in the name of holy hobbit hole did I just read?”

A growing problem is that the series is already two books down and still there is no background of Gretchen. Why does she kill or why did she start killing? There is no explanation. Dexter had child issues, Hannibal was hungry etc. So why does Gretchen kill? There is no answer. Scratch that, there is nothing about her past or anything at all. One more bugging thing is that Gretchen is too much perfect. She is so much manipulative but we never get to see any of that. Her perfection sometimes really gets a bit frustrating too.

But overall the series is a good adrenaline rush and I am going to read the next one too.


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