“He bit off her tongue”


Triptych – 5 stars

A gem in the world of Crime and Suspense Thrillers. I had seen this book on many lists as one of the top contenders. And I am glad to say it really is.

The plot is quite straight forward – a convict is released after doing his time and a series of killing starts which is very much similar to the the one he was guilty of. There is the plot, there are some cops and interesting characters; so there you go – you have a thriller. Then what is it that makes this book so good?

For me, it was the narration. There are many books narrated from various point of views and time periods. But this one doesn’t follow any one character through out and the time periods are distributed through out the whole books in various time slots. It makes the reading very very interesting and enjoyable. The book has some really bloody and gore-some portions but still the book feels somehow a bit soothing! The expertise of writing shows itself in every little details.

And the characters! Ms Karin Slaughter has written with her heart out. Each one has his/her certain appeal – weather it is a little boy or an old retired teacher or a grief struck mother.

It is not about the mystery or some ‘baffling problem’ but it is about the journey towards the last page that is so good.


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