In one month, the country will be gone. In two months, the world!


The Strain – 4 stars

A plane lands with no one alive on board (except for a few). All are dead. But no sign of any contamination, any attack or panic. But the more Doctor Eph searches for answer, he discovers a world where medical expertise goes crazy in the rehlm of supernatural! What if vampires are not just mystical creatures from story books? It is a plague, an epidemic spread among humans just like any other plague but in a bloody-sucking gory way! The dead from the plane are standing up and if Eph doesn’t find a way, humanity might be lost forever!! In this book, a man says, “Think more along the lines of a man with a black cape. Fangs. Funny accent. Now take away the cape and fangs. The funny accent. Take away anything funny about it.”
Does that not sound great??! Hell Yeah!
You’re supposed to be scared of vampires. You are supposed to feel something crawling at the corner of your room when you think about vampires! And surely for god’s sake not to be in love with them. Take that Twilight! The Strain is the book we deserve and it is also the one we need!


Guillermo del Toro is a master of horror. The way this book balances itself is just amazing. Horror, mystery, demon, science, pace. You give any of that too much, the book could loose its purpose. You give less and it could looses focus. But nope! This book deals with all of these smoothly!

But we get some clear-as-water characters on run. Heroes and villains are labelled who they are permanently as soon as they are introduced. Thus it does feel that the characters don’t have much depth. And that is the only weak point of this book.

The strain is now a trilogy, multiple comics series, a running TV show! Thank you Mr Toro for restoring the balance in stories about Vampires!


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