John Constantine’s popularity is off the scale!


Dark Entries – 5 stars

Dark Entries is a John Constantine story. Yes, the one and only John Constantine. But don’t worry because it doesn’t require any previous plots or base about read about him. Just to make sure you are on board, Constantine is a British exorcist. But in the most kick-ass way without any faith or holiness! Now that it is said, lets talk about the story.

John is called by a TV production house to check a reality TV show set on the basis of ‘fear’, in which willing contestants stay in a locked house and are watched 24 hours like Big Brother. But unlike that show, this one’s publicity explores and showcases the horror among the participants induced by the show runners. But what if the house decides to have so fun on its own and tries to scare the people in ways which are beyond the production?

This is a classic example for novels of horror, ghost, exorcism, monster, spooky genre! Ian Rankin starts the story as if the plot is small and easy and just another Haunted-house story. But with one after another surprisingly enjoyable twists it becomes so huge and so epic (from Heaven to Hell all the way) that it is beyond explainable!

Somehow it simultaneously roams around the fields of murder mystery, thriller, suspense with excellent balance and grabs 200% attention of the reader’s mind. The writing is so smooth as if we have already been reading about this long ago. The characters, the twists, action, the dialogues are top notch! No, seriously top notch! And Mr John F’ing Constantine is at his best in the book luv! (Satan can go n’ eat his heart out. Wait, does he have one?)

And what can I say about the art?! There are just clean black and white lines. That is all. not even any shades of them. Werther Dell’Edera’s drawing is crisp, clean, cutting edge, sexy, smooth and immensely enjoyable! The monsters, the action sequences, the spookiness are on a whole a treat for the eyes. His art walks on the line between simple and complex art and still stands out from all of them!

A must read for any horror or suspense or graphic novel lovers! An unmissable for Constantine fans!


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