La noche es de color rojo (The Night is Red)


Noche Roja – 4 stars

Actually 3 + 1/2. Extra 1/2 is for the artwork!

Before I even start on the book, I want to talk about the art. Incredible! The play of black, white and many if their shades and prints are a visual treat for the eyes! The little looks, emotions, actions, shadows, motions, panels and details are drawn so smoothly as if its nothing but just stop and look back again to a page before turning to the next one; you’ll feel the art is the hero of this book. Artist Jason Laour tells the story more than Simon Oliver (no offence).

An american private investigator/alarm mechanic is called to look into a series of killing of teenage girls in the land caught up with all the dirt of North and South America at the middle. While he looks into the mystery of the working teenage girls he gets caught up with the past he had been running for 11 years and it that will take him to places which he wished to forget!

The story seems familiar while the characters shine the brightest. Simon Oliver has written some memorable characters but but the story feels s tiny little bit slipping at the middle. But other than that it is fine because of Jason Laour’s pages!

Red night (Noche roja) may not be must-read book but it is a very good read!


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