‘You shouldn’t have done your dirt’


The Bronx Kill – 3 stars

The Bronx Kill offers a traditional mystery with little of surprises in it. An aspiring writes goes off to a tour for some days only to find his wife missing just after he returns. The police pins him down as the murder suspect and whole thing becomes a media circus. Everything happening around him points towards the novel he is obsessively working on and while the writer refuses to take any help from his DI father, the world around him keeps throwing him in more and more cryptic situations just to make him question more about his own family history.

Although the baseline of the story seems very regular, Bronx Kill offers some new twists too. The family drama and history is very enjoyable. Tying the past with present is a very good way of writing a mystery and Peter Milligan has done that uniquely. But even after all these things the conclusion/showdown seems bland and many of the twists feel unnecessary. Bronx Kill could have been much more because it surely had the potential and calibre.
In the art department, James Romerger scores very very well. Te gritty nature of the city and raw emotions are portrayed very well. His scribbling lines suit the mystery perfectly but at some places the faces are too much distorted and at some pages you might have to stop to identify who-is-who first.

Although it is full of ambitions and offers some memorable twists, The Bronx Kill fails sadly to reach the hight it could have reached.


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