Bring him back?


Pet Sematary – 5 stars

Louis Creed is a doctor who moves to a small town of Ludlow with his wife and two little kids Ellie and Gage. In a little town consisting of a highway full of big trucks and a pet cemetery, Lois makes friendship with their elderly neighbour Jud. One day Ellie’s cat named Church gets run over and is buried in the cemetery. But when Jud tells Louis about ‘the real cemetery’ which is an ancient burial ground once used by the Micmac Indians and helps him to resurrect Church, it starts a chain reaction of events beyond explanation. Few months later Gage gets run over by a speeding truck and driven by grief, Louis decides to revive his son too in the same manner. The rest is what makes this book another fine masterpiece written by Stephen King.

Yes, this is the book which has been followed, given homage, parodied, spoofed and made into a cult encyclopaedia of anything related to ‘resurrection‘.  e.g.

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As always Mr. King first defines a firm, soothing ground decorated with some lovely characters and makes them close to heart before dropping the bombs. Louis, Gage, Rachel, Ellie – all are very relate-able and we start caring about their lives and problems within few pages. Sometimes they may prick a heart sometimes they make us smile. But once the ground is set, Stephen King starts what he does best – slicing n’ dicing!

Writing is as expected from him: out of the park! Whenever I had stopped while reading, it didn’t let me concentrate on what I was supposed to do next. The pace neither slow nor hast. It slowly pushes you towards the peak of mountain and then lightly topples you over. Horror, goosebumps, irony, sarcasm, paranormal activity – this book left nothing out!

All hail the King?!


2 thoughts on “Bring him back?

  1. Being a Stephen King fanatic I hate to say it but this was one of my least favorites, I think mainly because of the animal deaths. I’ve never been able to read books where animals are involved. Not since I was traumatized as a child reading Old Heller and Where the Red Fern Grows. That said, I definitely appreciate the writing skill. It has all the hallmarks of classic King. I recently re-read it for RMAO on Goodreads and it gave me nightmares. I think that’s it for me. I know my weaknesses!

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