One problem at a time Mr. Spock


The City on the Edge of Forever – 4 stars

First of all lets make one thing clear: this is a complete old school Star Trek story! This is actually an unchanged visual representation of the famous script “The City on the Edge of Forever!”

Following the trace of a runaway, the crew of USS Enterprise come across the City on the Edge of Forever which is mostly taken as a myth. They chase the convict through the time line of Earth’s history and lands at the of 1930s. With emotional dilemma, suspense and action it is an awesome ride towards the last page.

The story uses some really common and familiar elements of Sci-Fi but still it is thoroughly enjoyable and the emotional jabs are really heart warming. Although there are some pages where it feels that the story cold have taken a little pace, once the mind is properly set for the era of William Shatner – its bliss!

Artwork of the book is sadly a bit discontinuous. There are pages where it is so great that it resembles photographs. But then again there are drawings which pop the thought- Am I reading the same book?
One more problem is the facial expressions. Actually almost all the faces of Kirk and Spock are drawn from snapshots of the TV series and Movies. Don’t get me wrong, the drawing is incredible! But when the faces constantly look like great detailed drawings of snapshots while the figures and surroundings are drawn as basic: the faces stands out like flags over the pages. Apart from that the artwork is mind-blowing and the noir style works great with the story!
But did these all really matter when I got it as a free advance copy of a graphic collection of classic Star Trek??? NO!! I just went gaga over it!

P.S. Thanks to IDW publishers for providing an advance copy at Netgalley.


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