He still has it


Spiral – 4 stars

When respected and beloved Nobel laureate Liam Connor is found dead and his death is declared as suicide, search of a virus hidden since World War II is ignited. Soon Liam’s collaborator Jake, Liam’s granddaughter Maggie, and Maggie’s nine-year-old son Dylan find themselves in a conspiracy of bio-warfare spread over the world and decades of research. With an assassin, an infamous Japanese criminal and US military also in the same race, the only chance of survival of human live over the world depends on who gets to the virus first.

A fantastic debut. Paul McEuen is a nano scientist and has written a sci-fi thriller with an excellent mixture of science and fiction. Fast pace and continuous twists are what makes this book worthy of praise. Whenever I felt ‘I know what will happen now’, the book had something exactly different like it knew what I was thinking! And that really kept me glued to it. I am a science student and all those nanao-science and DNA coding stuffs just fascinated me. But none of those are hard to understand. Actually the book has so much base in real research, it never felt stretching or unbelievable. With just one step crossing the line of real science, Paul McEuen has written a great novel.

The actions and logics looked a bit thin sometimes but otherwise I really loved it. It has some invisible hook that pulled me towards the last page so fast. A well written sci-fi thriller with a healthy dose of science in it.


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