Don’t tempt a mother!


Mine – 4stars

Mine is a story of two mothers, Laura and Mary. Laura is a successful journalist whose last hope of happiness is her new born son David and Mary is a survivor of the radical 1960s who still haven’t let go of the hallucinatory world of memories, guns, and above all, murderous rage. But when Mary steals David from Laura, with almost no help by her side Laura sets out on a cross-country trip to reclaim her son. To win her son back, Laura might even have to become the monster that stole David from her. With one being a savage clinging on to a world of fantasy and hallucination and the other fighting for her own son – its a dirty savage race that can result anything!

Last year I read Robert McCammon’s Swan Song which left me with such an impact that even now whenever I’m reminded of it, I always drift in thoughts for a jiffy. Since then I’ve always wanted to try more of McCammon’s books. But almost all his books being big-ass in nature, I chose Mine as it is a bit short compared to the others. Needless to say, Mr McCammon did his magic again!

Although Stephen King’s books create bone chilling effects of horror, they mostly contain supernatural elements(I’m not saying that is a bad thing; just pointing out). Whereas Robert McCammon explores human nature and psychology to its limits in such dirty, filthy ways that even though I flinch while reading it, deep inside a little voice shamefully admits that in those situations I also might do quite the same. And there lies the magic of great writing! Mine showcases a different type of horror unlike anything I’ve read before. It clearly proves that good n’ bad are just relative words and human nature is just a result of the surroundings and situations.

Mine is pure horror, it is savage, raw, bloody and chilling. Read it at the risk of getting graphic nightmares that might make you uneasy. But if you are a thriller lover with a bit of blood n’ gore in it then this is just the book for you!


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