A plain delicious murder!


Plain Murder – 4 stars

In a paper company there are three workers who wants more power and faster. So with a fool proof plan they execute a plain murder which opens a Pandora’s box of power play, lies, blackmailing and more murders. With one of the three being more hungry than others, one way or another they all have face their doom.


I have exactly no idea why this book has such low ratings everywhere. I had first read this novel translated in Bengali (my regional language) and read the original a few months ago. Needless to say that the original fascinated me more.

There is a say in Bengali language that “Greed leads to sin and sin leads to murder”. That is exactly what drives this novel. Yes we can all imagine the inevitable doom with a little guessing game of “Who is gonna be the last man standing?” while reading the book. But what works very very well is the narration. From the point of view of the worst character, C. S. Forester takes the reader on a ride of ‘mind of a murder planner’. It should be mentioned that the novel is set in 1930’s era and thus unlike today’s techno-thrillers, this one is purely and deliciously psychological.

Sometimes the ride matters more than the destination and “Plain Murder” is a bright proof of that.


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