BO’RED’OM Rising!


Red Rising – 3 stars

An alien society on Mars ruled by the color of people. High society, slaves, total power-pollution. And there is our hero who has finally had it with it and leading a revolution secretly.

So, what just happened here? This book is supposed to be a new age prodigy of young adult science fiction. But somehow it didn’t work. Where was the spark? Never felt any urge to flip the pages. I am totally confused!

Our hero Darrow is soooo cold (not cool; Cold)! His emotions are deadpan and blunt. He says he is crying – I never feel the pain. He is frustrated – I am with him. The story is better than the characters and as a debut novel this is really applauding. But the racialism, the master-slave set, the rise of a hero with personal vengeance – feel somehow very familiar at times. Sometimes it is too cinematic, sometimes it is too blunt. Maybe I feel this much letdown because I expected too much seeing the 4.19/5 stars from more than 35k ratings on this in Goodreads.

On a whole it was a good read. But was not overwhelming.


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