Steve in the Forbidden Zone


Book 1 and 2  –  3.5 stars

Our beloved Captain America gets himself stuck in the ‘Lost Dimension Z’ and raises a child he found, against all the odds.

We all know Captain is the ultimate ‘Goodie-shoe’ when a man’s principles are considered, right? But where did his principles come from and why do they matter so much? Mr Remender has gifted us with a heart warming story to answer. So when such a righteous man finds a baby being used for biological experiments, it is no surprise that he will escape with it and raise it as his own. He sinks himself in more danger when the baby turns out to be the son of Warlord of this dimension. The Lost Dimension Z is messy, full of muties (not the lovable X-men kinds) and a war raging for years and ages. Frankly the story is sometimes too much to wrap your head around. But that flashback story about Steve Roger’s childhood is so spot on that it makes me wonder if we ever get to see a book just about the little Steve. Mr Romita Jr is as aggressive as always. Head too big for body, ribs wider than tanks but somehow gives a visual treat (don’t worry, he always delivers) so enrich of colour and action that the plot-holes seem less important.

The story contains various cliché formats of needless-sacrifice-for-emotional digging, enemy-becoming-righteous and elephant-dropping-plot-holes. But still the story somehow passes off due to its purity. Read it for our good-ol’ Cap’s sake.


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