Aye Aye Captain (Marvel)!!

tumblr_pf95nfB7Hk1uijsn1o4_540For the last few days Captain Marvel has been dominating box office and its no wonder. The “First female lead MCU movie” – the tag is quite a catch. But is that all that made it a blockbuster? Why are the people and reviewers so polarized then? Could it have been more?

This is not a review but more of a study from a humble superhero fanatic.

Official synopsis: Captain Marvel is an extraterrestrial Kree warrior who finds herself caught in the middle of an intergalactic battle between her people and the Skrulls. Living on Earth in 1995, she keeps having recurring memories of another life as U.S. Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. With help from Nick Fury, Captain Marvel tries to uncover the secrets of her past while harnessing her special superpowers to end the war with the evil Skrulls.

For a comic book movie, there are three groups of audience- those who read comics, those who only watches the movies in Cinematic Universe and finally those who are casual movie goers.

For the first group, the whole idea of Captain Marvel is a bit confusing as her origin in comics has been revamped multiple times and is being rewritten now also. Though this is not uncommon for comic book characters (e.g. Iron Man), when bringing it to another medium, movie makers mostly stick to the basic or most well known origin of the character. This creates a familiarity and connection with the audience instantly. Hence, making a movie based on a very recent run distances itself with the comics readers as Captain Marvel was known as Ms. Marvel till then.

For those who follows the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this movie is a feast. Origin of Nick M’Fing Fury, old school SHIELD, how Nick fury got the interstellar pager, why no aliens attacked earth before and how will this lead to Endgame – it’s a celebration of MCU even before it was MCU. Now, read the last sentence one more time and you’ll realize that there is nothing written about the movie itself. Therefore, the movie gives us the origins we never asked for, the answers to questions we never had. This ultimately leads to the movie becoming a ‘filler episode’.captain-marvel-red-and-blue-vertical

As the movie keeps nodding at already defined MCU, it simply distances itself further and further away from the people who ‘just wanted to watch a movie’. To quote a colleague of mine who don’t give a damn about cinematic universe but went to watch Ragnarok thrice, “I really liked it while I was in theater but don’t know when I got out. It had everything yet the whole thing felt a bit off.”

I won’t go much into the packed-n-labeled promotion of the movie either as the only feminist icon (and slapping off anyone who didn’t like it as ‘anti-feminist’) or as the most powerful and important character of Avengers: Endgame. But I will mention the triumph of Wonder Woman even without screaming ‘feminist icon’ and the problem with Superman being too powerful to make a movie interesting. 

To sum it off, I really think Captain Marvel is a good movie but what grinds my gear is that if could have been much more e.g, thriller regarding body snatching aliens or interstellar espionage, if it was more on-her-own.


The Client – A Thrilling Masterpiece



The Client

5 stars

A Nobody falls for a stripper and when she goes missing, he kidnaps the sister of the local mob boss; because what could go wrong?

Our story begins with a stripper- joint named Paradise. And among the slow, poetic display of strippers, I imagined a sad story of some lassie who lost her path. Bust just then the book shaded its skin and turned into a suspense thriller. There was tension, thrill, cons, blackmails, root-able characters and a tight story about the length a Nobody can possible go to for someone dear. Like an onion, the story began to unravel its layers with gorgeous pages. A ticking clock set for the life of the mob boss’s daughter ensured the grip of the book and the chase to find out the missing stripper set the mood. I will not go into further details for the sake of spoilers. 

As the review title suggests, this is a masterpiece by all means – character development, suspense, thrill and last but not the least, the artwork. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Centipede: Oh god why



Centipede Vol. 1: Game Over

1 star


After enlarged centipedes’ attacks mankind is on the brink of extinction and one man decides to stand his ground and fight against the leading 1000 m long flying steel-eating indestructible centipede alone.

Centipede is a love-hate book. It is downright weird as hell. Our hero’s motivation was never clear to me and to be honest, I did no care much. The story takes you for granted and throws oddballs one after another. From bed-size spiders to glowing mushroom drug-trips with insect mother – this book has all. But different kind of large centipedes attacking one human being and the human having a shroom trip about being born from and brought up by insect mother is not a pleasant picture at all.

The artwork is great but with no proper motivation or character development, this falls flat.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Why so Sarah?


Herding Cats
4 stars


You know Sarah Andersen right? That weird looking black n’ white one page comics that somehow know how we live? Yeah, those are created by Sarah Andersen and this is her third book.

Sarah’s Scribbles is a comic strip that takes us on a trip of her life and finds humor in daily observations. Observational comedy is always very subtle that points at our surroundings in a third party manner. We don’t see it because we are in it. And it frames a more authentic stage when the comedy is about us and our own life.


Sarah Anderson is one of us – that might be the most fitting thing I can say. Her life, anxiety, laziness, friends and all else are so much like us that one feels asking her, “How did you know?” again and again.

The last part of the book is a collection of short-notes, open letters and relevant comics for struggling artists, writers and any kind of creative developers. It feels like a friend’s pat on the back to those who are facing self-doubt and other problems.

A must-read if you love cats, dogs, food, yourself and life. 

Disclaimer: I love Sarah’s Scribbles and it was a delight to get ARC of it. I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Slow down



Accell Volume 1: Home Schooling

1 star

First thing first, it is inevitable that any superhero who is a speedster, will and should be compared with Flash. So I was prepared for similarities. But not this nightmare. 

This is basically a story of a young man (having superpowers similar to flash), his friends, his love of life and many characters appearing out of blue just for the sake of it. There is no serious danger; even if there is, it disappears within one or two pages. Nowhere going plots, ridiculous artwork, flat characters and disastrous plot-holes this book is infected of all. This is beyond repair and reinvention.

I am really sad to give the book a bad review because rarely someone tries to write new speedster. You can only read this book just for time-pass and even then you will not be satisfied. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

The better 007


James Bond: Kill Chain
4 stars

Bond traces down a rogue MI6 operative and journeys down a path that reveals someone framing MI6 organisation of such crimes that may reawaken the presumed dead Cold war.

Ian Fleming’s renowned son James Bond has had many faces, stories and personalities. Like many others, I too used to prefer Sean Connery as the definitive Bond. He did action (but never too much), he had class (martini and all those things) and most importantly he had so much sass. It was much much later when I read Bond novels and comics (drawn by legendary John McLusky’s) and realised what Bond truly is like. He is a ruthless agent with a dash of class and minimal sass.

Kill Chain is Andy Diggle’s love letter to Fleming and it shows. Occasionally I smirked at references but at the end I was left in awe of the brutality. James is merciless, bloody and a kill machine when required. The tension was high and the finishing was bombastic. Rarely have I come across graphic novels so good that I feel like re-reading it just after the first read. Only hiccup is that some pages are a bit too filled with dialogues. 

CaptureBut the real star for me is Luca Casalanguida. I was not just reading the comics with my eyes; the action, the mellow, the silence – I was almost experiencing every bit of the artwork. No jump-cuts, no shortcuts; the pages look like actual storyboards of action movie.

A must-read for 007 lovers and action junkies.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Steve in the Forbidden Zone


Book 1 and 2  –  3.5 stars

Our beloved Captain America gets himself stuck in the ‘Lost Dimension Z’ and raises a child he found, against all the odds.

We all know Captain is the ultimate ‘Goodie-shoe’ when a man’s principles are considered, right? But where did his principles come from and why do they matter so much? Mr Remender has gifted us with a heart warming story to answer. So when such a righteous man finds a baby being used for biological experiments, it is no surprise that he will escape with it and raise it as his own. He sinks himself in more danger when the baby turns out to be the son of Warlord of this dimension. The Lost Dimension Z is messy, full of muties (not the lovable X-men kinds) and a war raging for years and ages. Frankly the story is sometimes too much to wrap your head around. But that flashback story about Steve Roger’s childhood is so spot on that it makes me wonder if we ever get to see a book just about the little Steve. Mr Romita Jr is as aggressive as always. Head too big for body, ribs wider than tanks but somehow gives a visual treat (don’t worry, he always delivers) so enrich of colour and action that the plot-holes seem less important.

The story contains various cliché formats of needless-sacrifice-for-emotional digging, enemy-becoming-righteous and elephant-dropping-plot-holes. But still the story somehow passes off due to its purity. Read it for our good-ol’ Cap’s sake.