Cold is the new hot!


Colder Vol 1 – 4 stars

Do you really think you are sane? But what if you just need a tiny little push or a tipsy bit of wrong in your righteous mind to prove that wrong!?! Do you think madness can’t be spread? What if madness is actually a feast for a soul eater? What if everyone mad are just trapped in another world but can not get back? Now tell me what would you do when these happen to you!!

Incredible! The story is so gripping that you can feel it slowly crawling up your spine! A nurse (Reece) keeps a mental patient (Decan) at her house under observation after the mad-house went on fire. Decan is growing colder and colder with each passing day for unknown reasons! But now it is her turn to feel the world going crazy. Now between the soul-eater (read Emo-Joker) and Reece, only Decan can save her by taking a stand against his creator of madness!!

Do you really need more push to read this book?! See the cover! Just that gorgeously horrifying cover is enough to get you interested. Paul Toban’s story is superb and Juan Ferreyra’s art is out of the world. Juan Ferreyra has drawn the mad world like nothing else! It is a creepy yet mesmerising tale of horror and fantasy mixed with scariest nightmares!!

Because you are not real either


The Books of Magic Vol 1: Bindings – 4 stars

Sometimes we read and gulp down books that we like. But there are few books that swallow us down and make us think, “Did I read the book or did it read me?”
Neil Gaiman had given us The Books of Magic and after a few years Vertigo decided to launch a series about it which gave us this epic and wonderful product of some great minds.

Volume 1: Bindings reintroduces us to the boy called Tim Hunter who is destined to become the greatest sorcerer of all time. But he is torn between the ‘real’ world and the ‘magical’ world where he learns more about his powers (in the hardest way) while trying to save both worlds from colliding with each other. In this first adventure he faces one of the long lost mystical collectors and faces Death (another unbelievable creation of Mr. Gaiman) too.

Reading this book is not just reading. It feels like an experience to be cherished. There are only a very few comics which created this magic e.g. The Sandman, Death, The Invisibles, Swamp Thing. Vertigo’s line up has always been untraditional, unique, mind bending and mature unlike any other. And Books of Magic is one of shiniest jewels in Vertigo’s Crown.

The raged yet classy art and the wonderful colourings just sucked me in and made me forget about where I was. The tensed fight of Tim is spin chilling too. But the best part is when Death shows up. That conversation between Death and Tim is so ironic and symbolic that I had to stop and think about what they were actually meaning. Those are some of the best comics pages I have ever read.

It is a really noticeable conspiracy that how much Timmy looks like Harry Potter. Also, both of them are destiny’s children, lost their real parents and on epic magical quests. But whatever it is, I don’t care because Tim came out in the early 90s.

So I recommend this to anyone who loves fantasy or magic. Read it and you’ll live it too.

One problem at a time Mr. Spock


The City on the Edge of Forever – 4 stars

First of all lets make one thing clear: this is a complete old school Star Trek story! This is actually an unchanged visual representation of the famous script “The City on the Edge of Forever!”

Following the trace of a runaway, the crew of USS Enterprise come across the City on the Edge of Forever which is mostly taken as a myth. They chase the convict through the time line of Earth’s history and lands at the of 1930s. With emotional dilemma, suspense and action it is an awesome ride towards the last page.

The story uses some really common and familiar elements of Sci-Fi but still it is thoroughly enjoyable and the emotional jabs are really heart warming. Although there are some pages where it feels that the story cold have taken a little pace, once the mind is properly set for the era of William Shatner – its bliss!

Artwork of the book is sadly a bit discontinuous. There are pages where it is so great that it resembles photographs. But then again there are drawings which pop the thought- Am I reading the same book?
One more problem is the facial expressions. Actually almost all the faces of Kirk and Spock are drawn from snapshots of the TV series and Movies. Don’t get me wrong, the drawing is incredible! But when the faces constantly look like great detailed drawings of snapshots while the figures and surroundings are drawn as basic: the faces stands out like flags over the pages. Apart from that the artwork is mind-blowing and the noir style works great with the story!
But did these all really matter when I got it as a free advance copy of a graphic collection of classic Star Trek??? NO!! I just went gaga over it!

P.S. Thanks to IDW publishers for providing an advance copy at Netgalley.

‘You shouldn’t have done your dirt’


The Bronx Kill – 3 stars

The Bronx Kill offers a traditional mystery with little of surprises in it. An aspiring writes goes off to a tour for some days only to find his wife missing just after he returns. The police pins him down as the murder suspect and whole thing becomes a media circus. Everything happening around him points towards the novel he is obsessively working on and while the writer refuses to take any help from his DI father, the world around him keeps throwing him in more and more cryptic situations just to make him question more about his own family history.

Although the baseline of the story seems very regular, Bronx Kill offers some new twists too. The family drama and history is very enjoyable. Tying the past with present is a very good way of writing a mystery and Peter Milligan has done that uniquely. But even after all these things the conclusion/showdown seems bland and many of the twists feel unnecessary. Bronx Kill could have been much more because it surely had the potential and calibre.
In the art department, James Romerger scores very very well. Te gritty nature of the city and raw emotions are portrayed very well. His scribbling lines suit the mystery perfectly but at some places the faces are too much distorted and at some pages you might have to stop to identify who-is-who first.

Although it is full of ambitions and offers some memorable twists, The Bronx Kill fails sadly to reach the hight it could have reached.

La noche es de color rojo (The Night is Red)


Noche Roja – 4 stars

Actually 3 + 1/2. Extra 1/2 is for the artwork!

Before I even start on the book, I want to talk about the art. Incredible! The play of black, white and many if their shades and prints are a visual treat for the eyes! The little looks, emotions, actions, shadows, motions, panels and details are drawn so smoothly as if its nothing but just stop and look back again to a page before turning to the next one; you’ll feel the art is the hero of this book. Artist Jason Laour tells the story more than Simon Oliver (no offence).

An american private investigator/alarm mechanic is called to look into a series of killing of teenage girls in the land caught up with all the dirt of North and South America at the middle. While he looks into the mystery of the working teenage girls he gets caught up with the past he had been running for 11 years and it that will take him to places which he wished to forget!

The story seems familiar while the characters shine the brightest. Simon Oliver has written some memorable characters but but the story feels s tiny little bit slipping at the middle. But other than that it is fine because of Jason Laour’s pages!

Red night (Noche roja) may not be must-read book but it is a very good read!